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What are dust mites?

Dust mites are animals that are classified inside the arachnids class [2] , its size ranges from 250 to 300 micrometres of length (less than a third of a millimeter), with translucent bodies, and are you cannot see them without using a microscope. In the American continent, inside our houses,there are two kinds: American house dust mite (Dermatophagoides farinae)and the European house dust mite
(Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus). Taking Greek roots from its scientific name, Dermatos means skin and Phagos means eater of [17], so we understand skin flakes, we and domestic animals release, are the main food, and they are found in mattresses, pillows, carpets and sofas, which we give the heat and humidity required, besides food. Also, it’s interesting to know that the average individual sheds 0.5 to 1.0 gram of skin daily [5], food for dust mites. As statistics we have: a) A typical used mattress can have from 100,000 to 10’000,000 dust mites, and b) Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.Between 19 and 30 days are needed to complete a life cycle depending upon the temperature and humidity [5].Dust mite populations increase rapidly; each egg-laying female can increase the population by 25 or 30 mites a week [10], and a female dust mite lays up to 80 eggs over a 45-day period.
Why dust mites are a problem?

Dust mite allergies are mainly induced by its feces, they contain allergens. Even when dust mites are microscopic, are too large to inhale; however, their excrement easily become airborne.

Dust mite allergen, Der P 1, destroy the protective function of human skin, making it easier for all allergens and irritants to enter the body and confuse the immune system [10]. The foregoing is also related with diseases like asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria, rhinosinusitis, among others [5] [10].
Animation that explains damage dust mites provoke (please click cartoon image to play it)
Who we are
We are a company that cleans and disinfects fabrics and skin, as well as disinfects and attacks odors in closed spaces. We serve clients from Monterrey, N.L. and its metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide extraordinary care and service when cleaning and disinfecting your mattresses, pillows, rugs, rooms, and any other furniture / vehicle with fabric / skin, and rooms, eliminating mites, mold, pollen, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants, using patented German technology on a global scale, scientifically backed up and 100% natural, free of harm against people, pets and objects. 95% of customers with allergies have reported an improvement in their life quality after our services..
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