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Have you paid attention that when you clean a table, not only changes the table cloth, but also clean what is underneath?

It’s peculiar that we don’t apply the same cleaning process to mattresses, we only change sheets, but we don’t clean our mattresses (what is underneath), and is the place where we pass our life most of, the third part.

We offer the best solution to take away dust mites, mould, virus, bacteria and polluting agents. If you like to know the scientific foundations about our solution, please review our sections, or if you are in a hurry, please go directly to the Home Solution and/or Hotels Solution, so you can know how we can help you.
Cleaning in residence, we will move your mattress over its same bed, to clean it for all its faces.
Solution scientifically supported.
Inoffensive solution for humans, pets, mattresses and environment.
Dry solution, without chemists, since mattresses are not designed to be washed with liquids.
Not invasive solution, we do not require neither to open, neither to perforate your mattress.
Contaminants are destroyed with ultrasonic vibrations and ultraviolet light.
Contaminants are extracted with powerful vacuum, industrial type.
Contaminants are stored in special filter to retain microscopic particles.
Duration of the process depends on mattress size, and varies from 30 to 45 minutes.
Repeat this deep cleaning process each six months, or before if allergic symptoms reappear.
Who we are
We are a company that cleans and disinfects fabrics and skin, as well as disinfects and attacks odors in closed spaces. We serve clients from Monterrey, N.L. and its metropolitan area. Our goal is to provide extraordinary care and service when cleaning and disinfecting your mattresses, pillows, rugs, rooms, and any other furniture / vehicle with fabric / skin, and rooms, eliminating mites, mold, pollen, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants, using patented German technology on a global scale, scientifically backed up and 100% natural, free of harm against people, pets and objects. 95% of customers with allergies have reported an improvement in their life quality after our services.
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