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Frequently Asked Questions :
1 How should I clean bedclothes?
  Bedclothes should be cleaned frequently, if possible, wash them with hot water at 131-140 Fahrenheit degrees, with a long cycle of 45 minutes and drying them in the sun [4].

My mattress is new, should I disinfect it?


Disinfecting your new mattress does not harm you neither your mattress, but we recommend disinfecting it after six months of use, unless you have allergic reactions provoked by your mattress.


Do you remove stains from mattresses?


We apply a dry process, we detach and remove polluting agents, but we do not remove mattress stains, we follow recommendations for avoiding using water to not moisten mattresses to reduce dust mites, mold, virus and bacteria growth.

Who we are
We are distributors of CleanWork Orange service in Nuevo León. Our headquarters initiated operations in Mexico in year 2005, in Cancun, Quintana Roo. In that state they have attended individuals and hotels, such as:
Club Internacional de Cancún
The Royal Mayan
The Royal Caribbean
The Royal Islander
Royal Sands Resort And Spa
Marriott CasaMagna Resort Cancún
JW Marriott Cancún Resort & Spa
Akumal Beach Resort All Inclusive
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